BBBASE Sotobo-course Total ride plan


We annunce the recommendations about BBBASE Sotobo-course on the model course for Katsuura-Otaki-Ohara-Katsuura

Morning-market Katsuura:Katsuura-asaichi-market is called one of the 4-big-morning-market as Yobuko , Takayama , Wajima.

Raw-bonito , dried-fish , abalone as seafood and vegetables , sweet-warabimochi , tantan-noodle on local speciality is on from morning time. All open until 11 o’clock , you can enjoy slowly with enough time. Seafood and 0you bought are all possible to send to your home or keep on with the luggage you don’t need while you ride. Up to the seller , you can ask for the ice pack as frozen pet-bottle.

For the ramen-noodle-favorites , possible to eat in Ishii-Tantan-noodleshop before starting and again in another oneafter ride in New-Fukuya or JAO

Katsuura-station sightseeing office as K・A・P・P・Y Visitor center

Possible to afford information as sightseeing , restaurants in Katsuura-city. Rental-bicycle phone:0470-73-2500

There are bicycle for family to take ride with 2-3-persons with electric supports(need booking)

Katsuura hotel Mikazuki

Possible to keep luggage for the riders at the front. Put luggage while you don’t need while riding for safety riding.

After before riding , you can buy souvenirs and take bath with the coupon tickets.


Basic-course Katsuura→Otaki→Ohara→Katsuura round 55km gain524m

R257 up-hill of Otaki-street , R465 downslope along Isumi-train , R128 Sotobo-Kuroshio-line flat course , beautiful-seanary course. On the route , good restaurants , sightseeing . Affords , in Katsuura-city , seaside route on Kangunzuka , Katsura-lighthouse , Hachiman-cape possible to see the great wiew.

Super-long-course Katsuura→Otaki→Mobara→Ohara→Katsuura round 78km Gain 542m

Add on basic course , up to Mobara , long-riding. Arrange the finish time on Kangunzuka Katsuura-lighthouse , Hachiman-cape-park.

Katsuura short course Katsuura→Ubara→Onjuku Moon-desert→Katsuura-city Round 26km gain 298m

Central Katsuura-city to seaside sightseeing-spots

Katsuura seaside long course Katsuura→Ichinomiya→Katsuura round 70km gain 397m

Pleasure boat course enjoying by family

Katsuura→Awakominato Tainoura pleasure-boat-shipping→Lunch→Ubara→Hachimanm-cape-park→Katsuura-lighthouse→Kangunzuka 36km 522m

Shrine tour course

Departure Katsuura―IsumiーOtaki―Kazusanakano―Seichoji-temple―Tenshin―Katsuura  81km 1087m

Taking on B.B.BASE Sotobo , departure Katsuura , tour ease shrines
Not only Seichoji-temple ,Tanjoji-temple fellow of Nichiren , if enough time , but also taking on Tainoura-pleasure-boat , Katsuura-sea-park , fulfilling sightseeing too. But so long way to get over Boso-foothills , much of up-down , good for hill-climb-favourites. Some streets are narrow , pay attention to passing.


Sightseeing Basic course


Katsuura station        Otaki street             Otaki-castle         Isumi-railway

Moon-desert structure      Kurogahana black-nose     Katsuura-sea-park          Katsuura-sea-museum


Katsuura Kanguntsuka   Katsuura lighthouse      Hachimanmisaki-park   Omannokata structure

Around Otaki




Arouns Katsuura

Katsuura sea park  Underwater Observation Tower

Katsuura Sea museum


Tomisaki shrine

Takiguchi shrine

Isumi Kuniyoshi shrine Izumo shrine

Seichoji temple

Amatsu shinmeigu

Tanjo-ji temple

Restaurants and foods

The Lunch going on BBBASE are so cheerful. Around Katsuura to Otaki , Ohara , there are many dinings with full-volume and high-quality , and possible to eat after-ride and box carry to train.

Around Katsuura

Katsuura Japanese SAWA

Local recommendation seafoods. Mainly on raw-fish , grilled , stewed , various kinds


Katsuura Sakanayashokudo Fish dining

Cooking with the fresh seafoods getting in seaside of Katsuura , Kamogawa. Located on the high top hill and possible to comfortable ride just after eating got Otaki.


Katsuura Tantanmen-noodle Ezawa

The originator of Katsuura-Tantanmen-noodle. With grilled pork , only-winter-stewed-tripe , topping.


Harada The best popular of Katsuura-Tantanmen-noodle


Matsuno-ya        Teppatsu-ya       Furusato            Pikaichi             Noritake


Otaki-street is as called Tntanmen-street , more than 50 shop is on in Katsuura-city

Otaki-station Bansho Game-meat-cuisine Boar is the local cuisine inherited in Ortaki-area.

Onjuku Matsuyoshi

Ishimatsu Local raw fresh local seafoods


Isumi-city Isabaya


Isumi-city Mruhei


Ichinomiya Super-kitchen Kasaya The plateful-dining

Ichinomiya Kitchen-Kobuta

Mobara Kyotamura Ancient-style dining


Sweets Otaki Yuba-ki Tofu-sweets Satomi-station Cheese-cake


Awa-kominato   Nakamura


Attention: While on hours , please check whether you can get service by yourself.

Bath taking

7-Bath taking : We recommend taking on the bath after riding not only for having comfortable time in the train and but also if you get delay for any trouble , you may be able to catch up train for using the time to prepare to take.

Katsuura Hotel Mikazuki-spa Matsuno-yu(The oldest in Chiba-pref)


After bath eating Katsuura-Tantanmen&Chinese New-Fukuya Café-JAO possible to eat before train starting.


Fujiya-soba Possible to take on train in box Rice -bowl with clam-egg , chicken-egg , fried-pork-egg , fried-vegetables


Awakamogawa departure riding

Awakamogawa→Nagasa-sterrt→Oyama-thouthans-paddy-field→Yasuda-Melon-field→Boso-flower-line→Wadaura→Sotobo-Kuroshio-line→Kamogawa-Matsushima 63km 543m


Oyama-thouthans-paddy-field    Yasuda-Melon-farm      Boso-flower-line Wadaura St. Whale-skelton


Sotobo-Kuroshio-line    Niemonjima-island   Kamogawa-ocean-park   Kamogawa-Matsushima

Restaurants Kamogawa Meidaitei


Oyama-thouthans-paddy-field  Rice terrace  Gonbei


Minamimihara Shinto


Chikura Daitokuya


Bath  Kanponoyado Kamogawa                Kamogawa-seaside-park Coin-shower


Tainoura-pleasure-boat(On-ship 25minutes) Changing from bicycle , let’s enjoy mini-cruising



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