BBBASE Uchbo-course Total ride plan


We announce the recommendations about BBBASE Uchibo-course on the model course for Tateyama-Chikura-Nojimazaki-Sunosaki

1-Tateyama Stataion

There are coin-rockers in Tateyama-station at the bottom of the footsteps. You can put your luggage that not needed while riding , let’s enjoy riding on lightness style with more safety. We stay in Tateyama-station for about 20-minutes , riders going for Wadaura-station , can put the luggage in Tateyama and can enjoy light-riding.

Tateyama station sightseeing guide office

Showing sightseeing restaurants information . Possible to afford rental-bicycle. Reservation-phone:0470-22-2000

Satomi-no-yu SPA: Possible to afford coin-rocker luggage-keeping for BBBASE-Riders.After-riding , you can take in spa asap. Enjoy light-riding with safe.


2-For riding

  • Basic course Tateyama station→Chikura→Nojimazaki lighthouse→Aihama→Sunosaki→Tateyama station Round 54km gain 242m

This course is Tateyama station to Chikura , round Boso-peninshura on clockwise. Round Boso-flowerline , Nojimazaki-lighthouse , Sunosaki-lighthouse , Sunosaki-shrine , the best route. On riding seaside-line riding on the left , advanced o  safety and lookings. If you don’t have enough time , possible to take short-cut-time-control on R127 not on Sunosaki-peninshura-round.


  • Enjoy gastronomy-course Tateyama station→Yasuda melon farm→Nojimazaki→Aihama→Sunosaki→Kimura-peanuts→Tateyama-station Round:65km Gain:277m

Adding with the basic-course , eating Melon inYasuda-farm , Chikura-streetstation , peanuts-softcream , honey-softcream , you can fully enjoy the local gastronomy.

  • Atago attacking course the highest in Chiba-pref

The long course , on the 1st half of the basic-course , adding the mountain-attacking to the highest mountain in Chiba-pref “Mt. Atagoyama”. You must have a licence to get in Atago Summit Japan Self Defense Force.

  • Wadaura→Nojimazaki→Aihama→Sunosaki→Tateyama

On basis of the basic-course , round Wadaura to south og Boso-peninshura , to Tateyama-station. Fully enjoy Boso-flower-line.



Boso flower line    Chikura sea-wind park  Nojimazaki-lighthouse  Itsukushima-shrine   Nurasaku-shrine


Aloha-garden Tateyama    Sunosaki shrine  Sunosaki lighthouse   Tateyama castle Mt.Fuji view Tateyama bay


Hojo seaside    Gakekannon Difukuji temple Nihondera Daibutsu Nokogiriyama rope-way Kanaya-port ferry ter


The Lunch going on BBBASE are so cheerful. Around Chikura to Flower-line , Aihama-fishing-port , there are many dinings with full-volume and high-quality ,

Minami-Mihara Shinto


Chikura Daitokuya


Tateyama Aihama Hamano-Isoppi Local shurimp-Iseebi , abalone , clam , turban-shell barbecue. It is up to the seasons. The shurimp-iseebi is so good on miso-soup.

Tateyama Aihama-fishport Aihama-tei

Fish cuisines on raw sasimi , fried , grilled , stewed , sharing with the friend-riders is with joy. Brother with Isoppi.


Tateyama Aihama seaport Tomi-sushi

Seasonaly bese taste fishes , local sushi is the prouds.Just enjoy talking with the itamae-cooker on the counter


Tateyama Namioto-shokudo Ramen-noodle


Sweets Yasuda farm Melon-park

In the warm climate and clear stream , planting every 10-days , harvest all season. Enjoy eating cuttings.


Tateyama family park

Draagon fruits , smoothie , with local fruits , cheer up!

Tateyama Kaneki Kimura peanuts softcream


Hifumi Beekeeping garden Honey-softcream cafe


Tateyama pioneer farm fig garden planting fig-sweets cafe

7-Bath taking : We recommend taking on the bath after riding Nnot only for having comfortable time in the train and but also if you get delay for any trouble , you may be able to catch up train for using the time to prepare to take.

BATH :Satomi no yu SPA Authentic day use spa Not only spa , water-bath , jacuzzi , cure riders.

Tateyama seaside hotel  open for public of the big bath on daily use.


Home coming back food box:Tateyama station east MARINE Wheal box              Sushi-Jin


Tateyama station west UMINOHANA Sushi                               Breads atelier lithude



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